Dec 21, 2011

Reverse Culture Shock

Somewhere in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
The first thing that appeared in my mind soon when I arrived back in Indonesia was the willingness to start the life, the work that had been postponed. I miss my family and friends, I have thousands of stories to tell. I miss my students, wanna see how they have grown.

People told me it's easy to apply for a teacher position but reality proved that it wasn't when I tried to get my teaching job back. One month passed, then two months, three months ... I hadn't found a dream job, people love degree, some don't understand my complex education background. Due to a recommendation from a friend, I then got an offer from an export import company, the manager said that he need an active English user. If that's the only requirement, let me give it a try. I accepted the job. So, instead of teaching something based on what I've learned, I continued being a student, learning new things while working.

Though I can't stop thinking about it every single day, I do sometimes feel that my previous experience abroad is just a dream. But one morning, a postman showed up in front of my door -- a package, from my Project Coordinator. She sent me all the books and dictionaries I wanted to keep, my certificates and some mails that went to my U.S. address.

"So it's not just a dream ... " I told myself. But still, I have to let go of my past to move on with my life. I tried to come back to my real life. I go to work, hang out with my best friends and help my little bro with homework. I join a Mandarin class in the town and touch my dusty violin again, making my neighbors crazy with the bad playing. Recently I signed up for Stanford Online Class (It's free!).

All the activities keep me busy and make me love my life. The only thing that still bothers me is the hundreds of questions from people. They can't stop wondering why I come back to Indonesia, why I don't live abroad instead. The others complained that I have changed, I am not the one they used to know. Ooh, I guess I need more time to get used to them.


damz said...

Learning new things is interesting. I studied banking and finance, and now work in the kitchen :D ..but I am happy! ..and people keep wondering why I don't want to come back to Indonesia and work in a bank again.

Mila Said said...

So, you're back now?
most of my friend who studied abroad never came back to Indonesia. I guess their live were much better there and their educational background were more appreciated. Paid more ofcourse hehee..

Corat - Coret [Ria Nugroho] said...

kamu pengen banget ya jadi guru wah hebat pekerjaan mulia :D

yg nanya kenapa kamu kembali ke indonesia jangan2 mereka gak cinta indonesia hehe :P

Chita said...

Well, we never know where our life goes. Reserve culture shock is always more difficult to handle than the culture shock. :)

I have a similar experience, people think that if we already went abroad so we would not go back again. And they keep asking that, what a question! They doesn't know that process is not as easy what they think.

However, mostly different from others, my husband really want to go back and doesn't want to move abroad, after he finish his study. He does love the country so much, and no one can change his mind until now. :)

bebe said...

wah, ternyata susah juga ya kalo balik lagi ke Indo. Aku belum berasa soalnya belum pulang2, tapi mungkin kalau ada kesempatan balik, kayak gitu juga.

kalau masalah berubah... pastilah kita berubah. Tapi kalau bikin kita jadi lebih baik, kenapa harus ditolak kan ya?

Winnie said...

You're soooo cool!
I spent years learning Physics, Math and Computer Science. I used to think of working in one of these fields. Now I know I need to learn more things and find what I really like. :)

Yup, I'm back! It's quite true that living abroad can be better. But every time I miss my family and friends, I just wanna go home ...

Thanks... mereka hanya tidak percaya aku benar2 pulang.. :)

Wow, I seldom find someone who thinks like your husband does. I have similar story, my family and close friends think I'm home only for holidays. They don't believe I want to live and settle down here.
But yes, we don't know where life goes. Thanks for sharing the process with me. :)

Haha, iya nih harus mulai dari awal lagi & penyesuaian lagi. Yup, mudah2an perubahannya lebih baik. :)