Oct 27, 2011

Frankfurt Part II

Goethe House
~ Image from Wikipedia

From Mainz, I took a train back to Frankfurt. I left early because I was afraid of being late for the train to Ilmenau that night. In fact, I was too early. When I arrived in Frankfurt I still had several hours to walk around. So, instead of going back to the hostel where I stayed, I hit the road to discover some other places in the financial district.

I went to the Goethe House next to the Goethe Museum, pretty close to the Eating Street where we can enjoy typical German culinary. Then I continued to enjoy Frankfurt Skyline. Most of the tall buildings there are actually banks. Frankfurt is famous as the location of the European Central Bank. Among the buildings, I saw a Euro sculpture. 

Not far from there, I found the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. There are bull and bear in front of it. A bus stopped in front of the bull and bear and all the passengers hurried to take pictures with them. Then, the passengers all hopped in the bus again. I was amazed to see them stop only for a photo. Somehow, the bull reminded me of New York. It's very similar to that one in Wall Street. But in New York, they don't have the bear. 

Thing that makes me thrilled is the Jewish Holocaust Memorial. It's a long wall where there are thousands of  Jewish names with a stone above each name. The memorial brought me back to the World War era and the thought of concentration camp. Life was really not easy here.

I passed by Eschenheimer Turm in downtown Frankfurt where the Alte Oper located and some fun BierBikes with their happy riders passed by occasionally. Then, I walked back to Kaiserstraße and to the hostel near Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. I took my belongings and walked to catch the train.


Herfina said...

Huhuhu, catatan perjalanan seperti ini selalu membuatku pengen mengepak tas dan ikutan jalan2 ke sana. Someday, I wish! :D

Corat - Coret [Ria Nugroho] said...

kayak seru juga ya kalo foto duduk diatas banteng hihihi

cipu said...

been dreaming of going to Germany.... Keep sharing your traveling experience. Our friends' traveling story can be our lonely planet, right?

Winnie said...

I wish your wish come true! :D

@Ria Nugroho:
hahaha ... ntar jatuh lho ;)

Come when you have a chance! Will do, I like Lonely Planet!! :)

Shu said...

Just come here to say hello. Thank you for visiting chinesetolearn.com
Hope you have good time learning Chinese, best wishes:)

mila said...

Yang pojok kanan bawah itu ya Jewish Holocaust Memorial.. Hmmm.... catet ah.. klo someday ke frankfurt aku musti ke tempat ini.

Winnie said...

Hello Shu, thanks for visiting too. Learning languages & culture is always fun. :)

Iyaah... ada beberapa di Frankfurt ... di kota2 lain di Jerman juga ada ...